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Bravo! Finally a comprehensive plan for sales and marketing. The workshop opened my eyes to the property and it's potential. The time was well worth it. It gave me a quiet setting accompanied with an honest exchange of ideas to help me achieve a plan that's sound. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
Lorie Glazer
Director of Sales
  Sales Team Training - Selling Strategy

A standardized Selling Plan for your company will allow you to share a common sales language, organize your sales data, and help you make well informed strategic decisions for the positioning and marketing of your hotel in your individual market place. In this workshop we focus on completing a functional and realistic selling strategy for the next 12 months. The heart of this workshop is the training component. At the end of the workshop your people will have a selling plan ready for final approval and will be participating in an outstanding training exercise.

Pre-workshop materials are sent to hotels 6 weeks prior to the workshop, followed by three conference calls before the meeting. This pre-workshop material is critical to completing the plan. Basic and compact the actual hardcopy of the plan is very streamlined and can be expanded to fit any size hotel and covers all of the necessary components for making good decisions for the upcoming year.

• We start with a thorough review of the market conditions year over year and a discussion of each hotels' demographics.
• Rates are carefully reviewed by comparing year over year and your competitive rates.
• Evaluate the competitive set to determine the best positioning for your hotel.
• Identify demand generators (business builders), as the centerpiece of the Selling Plan. 
• Careful evaluation of risks and opportunities to determine how to maximize the opportunities and to best minimize the risks.
• Electronic distribution, reviewed separately, to ensure it is part of the selling strategy.
• A comprehensive action plan is designed with specific actions, responsibility, cost and target dates including a spreadsheet of the costs.
• The rooms' budget for the next 12 months will be discussed.

Who should take this class:
Directors of Sales and General Managers.

When you finish you should be able to:
• Understand your hotels' positioning in the market place.
• Identify and target your competitive set.
• Develop an effective rate strategy.
• Understand the business opportunities for your hotel.
• Complete a functional and realistic selling strategy.
• Develop a comprehensive 12 month action plan.

Length of Workshop:
Webinar- Four one hour sessions "How to Build a Sales Plan" includes sample forms.
Live on-site workshop is designed to be two days: including a sales plan template which will be completed during pre-workshop assignments and during the group session.

For more details and pricing of this workshop and others please feel free to contact us.

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Monday July 26, 2021