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Bravo! Finally a comprehensive plan for sales and marketing. The workshop opened my eyes to the property and it's potential. The time was well worth it. It gave me a quiet setting accompanied with an honest exchange of ideas to help me achieve a plan that's sound. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
Lorie Glazer
Director of Sales
  Sales Team Training - Building a Sales Team

This session uses the “key drivers” (why people select hotels) to analyze your competition, target them and then position yourself to take advantage of your strengths and their weaknesses. This goes way beyond the bricks and mortar.

Analysis of competition using HMR templates.
Targeting the competition as part of your strategic plan.
Building the “benefits picture” presented in your sales collateral for purposes of taking business from your main competitors.
Evaluate your positioning in the market.

Who should take this class:
This workshop is especially recommended if you are new to a market or for people new to hotel sales.

When you finish you should be able to:
Complete a thorough evaluation of your competition and translate that into a "key driver analysis."  This will help you determine which hotels to target and how to position your sales message.

Length of Workshop:
Webinar-Two sessions of one hour each
Live on-site one half day with pre-workshop assignments

For more details and pricing of this workshop and others please feel free to contact us.

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Monday July 26, 2021