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Bravo! Finally a comprehensive plan for sales and marketing. The workshop opened my eyes to the property and it's potential. The time was well worth it. It gave me a quiet setting accompanied with an honest exchange of ideas to help me achieve a plan that's sound. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
Lorie Glazer
Director of Sales
  Sales Team Training - The Government Market


 GuvBiz--Is The Government Giving You The Business?

The Federal government, civilian and military, is the single biggest user of hotel rooms in the country.  This workshop is a “tool kit” for penetrating, marketing and selling to this lucrative market.  We begin with the basics about the scope, size and unique characteristics of this market.  We then examine this business as a good fit for our hotel and just how much government business might be right for you.  Next we develop the elements of an action strategy to work this particular market in your area.  We start with what you currently know about your government business and, as the planning session progresses; we add dozens of practical tips to jump-start or to augment your action plan.  In addition, to help you get access to and to ask the right questions of your government prospects, we introduce some of the key “code” words and regulations that define this market.  You will also learn about great Internet sites, some that provide on-line access to a wealth of useful information and others that permit on-line registration for essential government ID numbers.

Getting to know the language, at least some key “code” words will help give you access. Plus, understanding a few regulations will help you to ask the right questions of your prospects. How much government business is right for you? That's a question that we will help you to answer during this workshop. After you've determined if this business is right for your hotel you'll need a working strategy to for better targeting the government market.  We'll start with what you know currently about your government business and add ideas and actions as we go through the workshop. This gets to the heart of it-- you'll receive dozens of ideas for what to do and actions to take to jumpstart your action plan.  Using the power of the internet makes it easy to tackle this huge segment. You will be introduced to sites that are a wealth of information and also allow on-line registration for important government ID numbers.

Getting into the basics—facts to know and Gov Speak 101 and 201.
Is the government market right for you?
Building your government marketing program.
Marketing ideas and general information for the civilian government segment.
Marketing ideas and general information for the military segment.
Internet Resources. 

Who should take this class:
Whether you're new to the government market or experienced but seriously looking for new ideas this workshop is designed to get you there --fast.

When you finish you should be able to:
Understand some key words and regulations needed to do business with this segment
Decide if federal government business is right for your hotel
Develop a basic written selling strategy for this segment
Incorporate workshop marketing tips into our selling plan
Access key internet sites to learn even more about the government market 

Length of Workshop:
Webinar- Three one hour sessions
Live-on site- One half day

For more details and pricing of this workshop and others please feel free to contact us. HMR Inc. accepts online payment with these major credit cards:

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Monday July 26, 2021