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Bravo! Finally a comprehensive plan for sales and marketing. The workshop opened my eyes to the property and it's potential. The time was well worth it. It gave me a quiet setting accompanied with an honest exchange of ideas to help me achieve a plan thatís sound. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
Lorie Glazer
Director of Sales
  Hotel Sales Workshops

Today's hotel marketing environment is rough—volatile, unpredictable, requiring hotels to step up their sales and marketing efforts, despite the constrain of ever-tightening budgets. To do this successfully takes a different mind-set, one designed for this environment—and ASAP Marketing has it.

The purpose of the ASAP Marketing Hotel Sales Workshop is fourfold:

1. To enable you to sell and market more.

2. To help you put into play assets that do not draw down on already tight budgets.

3. To show you how to win the trust and confidence of customers and other allies.

4. To help you dominate your home turf while sealing out competitors.

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Part one of the workshop: What goes into this mind-set shift?

Part two of the workshop: getting inside the ASAP four-step program.

Always plan but keep it simple. What's in it and why?
Secure your customers, allies and partners. How to do it?
Arm with the right tools. What should be YOUR weapons of choice?
Put “freebies” to work for you. They're there. Want some?

For more details and pricing for this full day workshop contact us.
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Monday July 26, 2021