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Bravo! Finally a comprehensive plan for sales and marketing. The workshop opened my eyes to the property and it's potential. The time was well worth it. It gave me a quiet setting accompanied with an honest exchange of ideas to help me achieve a plan thatís sound. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
Lorie Glazer
Director of Sales
   Internal Sales System Audit

This hotel sales audit is a structured in-depth evaluation of every major area of your sales operation. It verifies which sales office functions are working at maximum efficiency. It also prioritizes the areas for improvement with potentially the most pay-off in effectiveness and profitability. Hotel Marketing Resources will carefully review every aspect of the sales function; provide you with a post-evaluation review, and an action plan for improvement.

Part One
Evaluate the efficiency of the sales system:
  1. Master file system
  2. Function book
  3. Group room control log
  4. Contract audit and synchronization to GRC and function book
  5. Effectiveness of current sales reports
  6. Electronic distribution channels: brand web site, GDS, property specific site
  7. Trace system standards
  8. Sales office materials and collateral
  9. Review and use of business information reports such as the STAR Report
  10. Current sales action plan
Part Two
Evaluate and understand the effectiveness of you sales team:
  1. Evaluate Sales Activity Goals
  2. Weekly activity goals
  3. Scheduled meetings
  4. Staffing levels
  5. Future training to continue to develop your sales power
  6. Bonus and reward program
Part Three
Evaluate the revenue performance of your sales team:
  1. Current yearís budgeted occupancy, ADR, REVPAR, total revenue goals
  2. Past yearís performance and market conditions
  3. Year to date performance
  4. Current rate strategy
  5. Comparison of rates and performance to competitive set

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Saturday September 25, 2021