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Hotel Marketing Resources, Inc. is Your Choice for Hotel Sales Training, Hotel Marketing, or Hotel Sales Consulting!

At Hotel Marketing Resources, Inc. we understand what hotels need for success in today's climate of uncertainty and ultra-tight resources. We focus on result-centered solutions tailored to fit your market and your property requirements. We focus on cost-effective hotel sales and marketing initiatives meant to ensure that you get the most from your hotel marketing dollars.

A sample of how we provide sales and marketing solutions for the hospitality industry:
  1. Hotel marketing direction, hotel sales consulting and hotel sales training.
  2. Consulting for sales management of multi unit and multi-franchise companies.
  3. Develop quick-action hotel sales and marketing plans designed just for your market and your property requirements.
  4. Plan and direct a critical path for sales and marketing  for hotels in transition or new construction.
  5. Provide hotel sales training for all experience levels.
  6. Hotel sales training with a focus on developing new market segments for your hotel.
  7. Consulting to evaluate the efficiency of your hotel sales process with recommendations for improvement.
  8. Mystery shop calls to the CRO or hotel sales office.
  9. Internet search analysis of your hotel website effectiveness.
  10. More services are available -- just ask us!

Let HMR help you put the pieces together for sales and marketing plans, sales office automation, hotel internet marketing and opening new sources of business. We know how hotel sales and marketing work together to get results in today's highly competitive and volatile environment. 

NEW - Hotel Internet Search Results Analysis, the “Inspect what you expect” Project: 
You invest time and resources to build a functional website, but are they getting the desired results? HMR Inc will answer that question for you. A third party analysis of your ranking in a search of top demand generators by HMR Inc. in your market is beneficial. It is a “inspect what you expect” project to ensure that your hotel displays in the organic search for hotels near the top demand generators.

NEWShop Call Analysis of Your Hotel CRO Effectiveness:
You spend a lot of money on franchise fees! Shopping the CRO ensures that you are properly represented and that agents are selling your hotel. As we see it the shop call relies on a two part check-list; (1) list of standard set of issues that apply to any property and (2) list of special issues (such as a special promotions or property specific features, for instance) identifiable by HMR Inc.only after consulting with management to set a priority check list. HMR Inc. will develop the checklist, report back to you and make suggestions to get better results..

NEW -Hotel Sales Office Mystery Shop Call, the ”Trust but Verify” Project:
A mystery shop call supports the old adage, “trust but verify”.  As management you invest time, effort and training in developing the right sales team. The mystery shop call answers the question, “Are you getting the desired results”.  It helps you identify what is working well and single out those areas for improvement. HMR Inc.will create the template, report findings and make recommendations for improvement.

Hotel Marketing Resources, Inc.
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