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This is what our clients are saying about HMR, Inc. consulting and workshops:

Hotel Marketing Resources, led by Eileen Higginbotham, provides the kind of dynamic, creative and effective sales training needed to take any company to the next level.  Everyone has had to rethink the way they do business in todayís world.  Her programs meet these challenges head on.  She not only shows the shortest distance between two points, she identifies and qualifies the merit of the trip altogether!  Her systems have had a remarkable impact on our productivity.
Lisa C. Howe
Dir. of Marketing

In your recent Demand Generators workshop I felt that all my hotels walked away with a new market to research and a new focus. They hit the streets running with their new- found information. Thanks for bringing inspiration to an eager, young sales team. You even gave those of us with a lot of experience a good refresher! Looking forward to the next training.
Kelly Mascari, CHSP
Regional Vice President Sales & Marketing

Eileenís insight and suggestions on Internet marketing are cutting edge.
Roger Workman
Vice President of Sales
Doug Horn Management

The sales staff from two of our convention hotels have just completed your new interactive online Demand Generator sales presentation and their comments have been very positive.  As you know I have used your services for the past three years for both individual and group sales training and our success rate has been exceptional.  We are looking forward to additional online interactive sales training modules that you will develop to continue to assist our sales staffs to be better positioned for future growth.
Jerry R. Wofford
Hospitality Management Enterprises LLC

Hotel Marketing Resources really knows how to assist someone in navigating the murky waters of doing business with the government.  Eileen has found a way to deliver a high impact presentation that is also fun.  Our team has left her presentation charged up and ready to go. Thank you HMR!
Jonathan Bogatay, CHA
President and COO
The North Central Group

I really enjoyed your seminar and presentation to us of the hotel. It is one of the best presentations I have been to.  Most of the time these events seem to be a waste of time with people telling me things I already know.  However, I took away information that will make my product and me better.  I found your presentation valuable to me. Thanks again for your great efforts.
Troy Morzelewski
General Manager

Itís evident that Eileen Higginbotham knows this industry well and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others!  Rather than sharing broad ideas and concepts about the government market, she offers specific tactics we can use to penetrate this market NOW.  Her way of breaking things down into manageable, useable information is invaluable.
Stacey Barmore
Marketing Manager
The North Central Group

Eileenís presentations are loaded with valuable information, which allows anyone to effectively penetrate the government market.
Steve Morgan, CHSP
Corporate Director of Sales
The North Central Group

Thank you for helping us bring our team together to create a selling plan that is both exciting and realistic.  Your knowledge and delivery are very clear; it was fun to observe the interest in the participants and the ultimate realization that we did it and it was pain free! Your Brilliant!
Lucy Lowe
National Sales Manager

The Selling Plan Workshop was an invaluable tool to build the foundation of our Marketing Plan.  The format and worksheets were easy to follow and to complete.  Once the forms were complete with our history, action plans and competitive information.  I had a strong view of our hotel compared to the competition and a realistic strategy to succeed in 2003.  There is no way we could have done this if we werenít sequestered.
Mary Bones
Director of Sales

I enjoyed this training class. Iíve learned a lot!  Now I feel that I truly understand a marketing plan and the importance of all gathered information, and how it is used.
Aida Rodriguez
Director of Sales

Very valuable three-day program. Never in my career have I come close to 90% completion of a sales/marketing plan in 36 hours. Eileen Rocks!  Thorough and effective presentation.
Debby Tortorigi
General Manager

Bravo! Finally a comprehensive plan for sales and marketing.  The workshop opened my eyes to the property and itís potential. The time was well worth it.  It gave me a quiet setting accompanied with an honest exchange of ideas to help me achieve a plan thatís sound. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
Lorie Glazer
Director of Sales

I feel that I have learned more in three days of training with Eileen than my entire career of hotel sales.  I have enjoyed the information and the group setting improved the marketing plan process.
Tory Shumpert
Sales Manager




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Monday July 26, 2021